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David & Cindy Emerson met through friends at a church group in 1998.  The couple married a year later.  Life was "roses" the first few years, with Cindy working for a major company in eastern Oklahoma and David was a partner in a growing Pest Control Business.  They took periodic weekend trips and a nice vacation each year.  Both agreed that, when they had children, they did not want to miss a moment with them.

When their son was born in 2003, Cindy accepted "voluntary severance" from her company (which was in major layoff mode).  With a new baby, a new house, and growing pest control business, everything seemed perfect.  But with the seasonal ups and downs of traditional business,  all the expenses that come from having children, and the cost of maintaining a bigger home, they always seemed to have "too much month at the end of the money."

In order to make ends meet, Cindy undertook a home delivery business to newcomers in the community.  Again, seasonal ebb and flow seemed to restrict their ability to be free.  Even though the family spent most of their time in the same home, they found themselves chained to their work and pulled in different directions.  It seemed like eons since they had a relaxing vacation.  The couple felt trapped by their own lives.  It was about this same time that a friend and business associate introduced them to a residual income opportunity.

Once they understood the opportunity, David & Cindy jumped at the chance to have Prosperity and Freedom for their family.  Their new business took on a life of its own, with a growing income that almost doubled each month.  And the beauty of it is that it can be built anywhere,  In fact, traveling to various parts of the country seems to fan the flames of growth.  Imagine building a residual income from a tropical beach or a sunny ski slope.  Plus they are living their dream of having their boy to see the world firsthand -to experience the majesty of Mount Rushmore or the excitement of a Yellowstone geyser by actually being there.

The sweetest part of all is that a home-based, residual income business can be built from anywhere by working only a few hours per week.  To find out more about recapturing your DREAMS...

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